Friday, 4 February 2011


Rest Assured, I've taken the rest of the day to rest...

Today I've had to take a rest day. Not because I want to, because rest assured what I'd rather be doing is running round the rest of the block. No, I've had to take a rest day because since taking a rest day 2 days ago, the mind is willing but the rest of my body wants to continue to rest.

My feet are fine and the bottom of my legs, but the rest of my legs want a rest; it's the same with my arms "Run as much as you want Maggie, we don't need a rest" They say to me, but the rest of my torso from my shoulders through my chest, they want a rest. I don't get it. A change is as good as a rest; so I offered them a change: "Let's run a different route" I told them "Have a rest from the same old scenery; you've run the rest of 2011 without a rest, why rest now? No need to rest!".

But, sigh... Only my brain, feet and arms don't want to rest, the rest want a rest so what can I do but rest? So I've had to lay my argument to rest: "Fine" I said, "I'll rest today, and if I have to, I'll rest tomorrow but only if after the rest, the rest of you, body, will promise me I can get on with the rest of my training!"
"You can rest easy Maggie; the rest of us will be ready for the rest of your training with 18 long miles on Sunday... if we rest!" they've reassured.

So with a little luck, the rest of the day will progress and because I've had a relaxing rest, I'll no longer need to rest and the rest of the weekend will continue without any further rest.

I embrace you rest. I do. Honest...


  1. Mmmmmmm. Rest. Sounds good.

  2. Important to rest sometimes!

  3. Rest? Whats is that please remind me and my body? Enjoy it though sounds like most of you wants to do it, the next run will be amazing

  4. Rest is a funny word when you see it that many times...Almost like it's made up!

  5. I feel dredful after my rest day, I think im not going to have any more ever again.. Honest!

  6. Hope your rest has done you good and that your next run is an amazing one as a result! (It will certainly be an amazing distance if nothing else!) :-)


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