Thursday, 24 February 2011

Darkness, Dogs and Zombies...

With the Great North West Half Marathon, the first club race of 2011, looming on Sunday morning it was an easy run around the sights of Chadderton tonight. Pete had the novel idea of picking different people to choose where we went on each mile of our run, but then the people he picked didn't choose a novel route and we ended up stomping the same streets we always do... what I can I say, we're creatures of habit!

In Pete's attempt to take us somewhere different in mile 4, we ended up down a darkened road, that could have been the beginning of a horror movie, with a vicious barking dog on the other side (thankfully) of an adjoining fence; at which point Paula's off-hand comment from the start of the run was ringing in my ears...

Passing another group of runners coming in the opposite direction, we met just as the road narrowed; sidling past each other, nodding our 'hellos', Paula said 'Ooooh, it's like that scene in 'Shaun of the Dead, when they meet that other gang in the alley'...

Shaun's gang meet Jessica's gang... just like passing other runners!

Thankfully there were no Zombie encounters on the run. But I am well prepared in case some turn up in my garden tonight...

Distance: 5.26 miles
Feeling: good
Weather: quite warm.


  1. Good luck on Sunday...and I'm glad you weren't eaten by dogs or zombies ;)

  2. Thank you! ... and me too... all seems quiet outside still too!

  3. Good luck for the HM on Sunday. Hope the new shoes help you fly round!

  4. Good luck on Sunday!

  5. Thank you! Am beginning to feel a little nervous about completing it! Never felt that way before... so doing some positive thinking today!! :-)

  6. Good luck for the race tomorrow - you'll be grand!


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