Monday, 20 December 2010

You know it's nearly Christmas when...

...ten of you run around Chadderton in Christmas hats!

Much fun was had at running club tonight when we all donned our festive santa hats - some with flashing lights, some pink and some sparkly - and set off  for a seasonable, sociable and jocund jaunt!

Knowing what festive mirth and joys this run would bring, I was fully prepared with my camera... unfortunately the batteries were less prepared! So there are no pictures. Instead, here is a snapshot in words... a haiku...

Run in Christmas hats;
Gaggle of geese on canal;
snowy and such fun!

Pretty much sums it up really. As did Liz's words: "This is why I run". I agree.

Here's to the next one on Thursday; with better prepared batteries, there may even be a snapshot in pixels!

Distance: 4 miles
Weather: -7, frozen and snowy, with a really bright moon!
Feeling: relief from my cold when I run!


  1. I forgot about the geese!! The pics on my blog I'll put it on FB. See you Thursday!

  2. I knew I forgot something on tonights run! A xmas hat! :)

    Keep it going!


  3. Sounds like you will be well prepared for Janathon !!

  4. Ha ha! I certainly hope so... although the worry is the Christmas that falls between... I'm not very good at refusing festive food!! :-)


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