Thursday, 16 December 2010

'Tis the season to be...

COLD! It's bloody cold! AGAIN! And to top it off... I've got a cold! Although good 'cold management' has meant that it's now disappearing. I put this down to blueberries in my porridge - Suuuperfruuuuit! - 8 hours sleep for the last two nights - for once! - and chocolate! Ah... you thought I was going to say running didn't you! But no... I think chocolate must take precedence. And there's no denying the evidence: I have been runinng far fewer times than I have eaten chocolate, over the last couple of days, and my cold is now on the way out! I have found a new way to live. Actually, that's not new is it? I've always eaten too much chocolate; that's why I run!

That's why I went running today, despite the cold and 'The Cold', as I managed to eat about 4 meals, plus snacks, yesterday; which is impressive even by my standards. Everything aches again of course; but there's something familiar about that which I also quite like these days... it's a comfortable, noble, self-satisfyingly smug ache of goodness! I am good. I am fit (almost). I am... really tired!

Anyway, having had two days off from running after I convinced myself I needed the rest, it was club tonight and we did hill loops. I did 3 and 1/4... the 1/4 was my idea, I was contemplating wimping out from a last one all together but thought I'd feel more noble if I did at least a little bit of one. I did!

As I didn't run Tuesday as planned, I'm going to run tomorrow. I am. No, I am. I am. Okay... I am. This is a very extreme version of talking to yourself isn't it! I think the cold... either one... has gone to my head. Time for bed!

Distance: 4.4 miles
Weather: cold (-1) again!
Feeling: cold!


  1. It was -3 when we set off Maggie! You do know the number one rule of blogging is that if you say you're gping to do something on your blog then you have to do it and can't get out of it with out a lot of grief!! But take it easy nothing hard just a nice steady recovery run!

  2. Well done Mags, although not sure you should be running on a cold, I say eat more chocolate, my mum always says feed a cold and drown a flu!!

    I am going to be doing a rain dance tomorrow on my run to hope the snow turns to rain on Sat and we can still get over for festive activities and running on Sunday!! Take care tomorrow if you run, xx


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