Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Hats again...

... but no run for me!


To put it bluntly! In the wrong place of course! I think everyone has phlegm, it's just not supposed to be on your chest, or coughed up spontaneously, every 10 minutes!

That really is a horrid word isn't it - in sound, appearance and meaning - phlegm. Eugh!

So instead of running, I went along to club tonight to pass on Christmas cards, say a Merry Christmas and take the all important photo!... however, not so many people there tonight. Maybe everyone else has phlegm problems.... Is that even a thing?!

Anyway... Here they are, the happy Christmas runners in their festive attire... I would say hats, but as you can see, that would be a loose term!

Oldham and Royton Harriers, Christmas Hats Run #2
From left to right: Pete, Chris, Dom, Sara and Helen
 I hope they had loads of fun, I'm looking forward to reading Pete's blog to see how they got on.

As for me, I've been sensible (for once!); Heeding the advice of not running with any illness that manifests below the neck, I have abstained... so it better pay off now! Plan is to get a long run in on Boxing Day up in Bradford, like I did last year; I've been looking forward to it so my Christmas wish will be to be phlegm free.

One more time... PHLEGM!  Sorry, hope you weren't eating!


  1. Great pic and hope they had fun. Sorry to hear your not well, get lots of oranges eaten and chocolate( I tell myself this is the perfect medicine for any illness) and I hope you feel better soon, xx

  2. Thanks Di... I'm not bad... it's just a cold (I'm not a man!! - JOKE!!!) but don't want to push it when the old chest feels tight... I've been eating all the superfoods in sight - which of course does include chocolate!! :-) xx

  3. Was good tonight, I hope that nasty cough leaves you soon, so you can start running again!!!

  4. Cheers Sara... glas you had a good run :-)


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