Thursday, 2 December 2010

How to run in the snow

Step one: Get the layers on... from bottom to top, today's attire required: trail running shoes (extra grip for that extra confidence in the snow), thick socks, leggings, skort, long sleeve top, short sleeve top, wind cheater, fleece (for before and after the run), headband to cover my delicate ears, and cap!  I was warm... snow joke! (sorry!).
Please note... this is NOT suitable attire for snow running... This is what happens if you begin at step two!

Step two: Be confident! No point going out there with feeble, fragile footsteps... be bold... be brave... be balmy?! and just get out there and go for it! The sound of tonight was definitely the 'crunch' of freshly trodden snow... love it!

Step three: Make the snow your friend! I was one of 5 at running club tonight: Sara, Pete, Dom, Chris and I... we're the die-hard runners clearly; there was snow stopping us... we were made of true grit... definitely the white stuff! (okay, okay, sorry!). But seriously, running in snow is FUN! and if you haven't tried it yet, then you definitely should; it has the way of making you feel like a kid again - especially when you're all bundled up - in fact, I think running tonight was the first time I'd felt warm all day!

Step four: Well it's not really a step... but I tell you what, girls (and guys if you like), if you're looking for that J-Lo bum, snow running is the way forward! In fact, running in snow offers a full body workout that is cheaper than the gym, cheaper even than Davina's DVD, and very definitely cheaper than buttock boosting botox!

I'm definitely not going to let the 'big freeze' give me an icy reception(!) and neither should you... get out there and enjoy it... at least it's soft if you fall over!

Have an ice day (last one... had to be done!) :-)


  1. I'm punned out!!!!
    Snow denying it, it warms me to see you giving the cold shoulder to the eliments. All Hail! ;@)

  2. puntastic! snow stopping you now... you're on the slippery slope. I'm going to have to give more thawed if I'm gonna come up with any more! :-)

  3. Love you blog mags and the picture of the naked bums,think they might get frost bite in some tricky places!!well done for getting out there and running in the freezing temperatures,that's true dedication,enjoy!!x

  4. Thanks for the advice Mag's, Steve and I are braving the cold and snow today. Have been eating sooo much so need to move my butt!!...Hoping I won't break anything. Did the trail running trainers help at all?.xx

  5. I'm not sure to be honest Claire... on the one hand, I think they did, maybe if only psychologically I didn't worry about falling over... but then I found my feet hurt whilst running as I'm not used to wearing them. Think I'm gonna just put my normal Newtons on when I go for my next run and see which is best that way!

    Well done for getting out in the snow yourself today... I'm well impressed xx


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