Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Diane's Good 'Claus' hits the BBC airwaves!

Look: She's running through Blizzards! You've just GOT to sponsor her!
If you've been checking out 'Festive Runs for a good 'claus', you'll know that my friend Diane is still running strong. On day 7 now, she hit the BBC airwaves yesterday on Radio Leeds.

Her achievement is proving so inspriational to people she's gone from a sponsorship target of £500 to £2000; receiving at least two donations (One of whom donated £50 - Beat that!!) as a result of her radio appearance! Tune in to to her interview online, which begins and at 1:13:17, and I defy you not to then click on her Virgin money giving site and give generously to the worthy cause she's running for.

Even Scrooge (before he met all those ghosts) would have been impressed by what Diane's doing!


  1. Thank you for your support Maggie, that is a lovely blog!! If anyone is wondering, it is a real picture, it isn't one that I have created in photoshop, it is real snow and the picture was taken on the second day of my challenge!! More snow on the way tonight!! xx

  2. Absolutely! The weather you've had to contend with must be much more than you ever could have expected! I guess the upside to it is that the YEP photographer was able to take some amazing photos (as above)... hope it doesn't snow too much tonight... I don't mind if you want to send some of it our way instead... i'll gladly settle for a bonus snow day! ;-)

    Good luck tomorrow! Xx


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