Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Right, Proper (Christmas) Do!

Our running club Christmas Do tonight... a chance to catch up with each other without conversation being interrupted by another hill or fast sprint! So important in fact that we braved a blizzard and safaried the snowy conditions!

And all worth it too... I think it's fair to say that a great night was had by all; with much food, drinking and merriment. It was also an opportunity for us to say a thank you to Pete. I've mentioned him before; he's our coach at Oldham and Royton Road Runners. He's also very, very much appreciated by all of us. I hope that everyone is lucky enough to know someone like Pete, but just in case you're not... and just to embarass him briefly, as I know he'll be reading this!... here's a quick biog:

Pete has been running for YEARS! Yep... YEARS! I think I was just crawling (and not back from the pub at this stage) when he was first running! In fact, photographic evidence shows that he used to run dressed like a 118 guy... and not in an ironic way! He's always run, loves running and knows running; so as far as coaches go he's the perfect person to have around! But more than that anyone who's met him, ran with him, or been coached by him will know how encouraging and inspirational he can be. Needless to say that all fo us, at club, really appreciate everything he does and think he is a truly great guy!  Which is why he is now the proud owner of a 'Coach of the Year 2010' T-shirt...

'Cos that's what you are to us Pete... you can wear your T-shirt with pride! :-)

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  1. It sounds like you had a really good time last night and Pete sounds like a great guy! Can he be replicated and send the other one over to Leeds?xx


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