Tuesday, 28 December 2010

On Closer inspection...

Good job I'm not a celebrity... this is how the front page would look tomorrow if I was!
I should have eaten less this Christmas! All my good intentions, to run over the Christmas period, failed miserably when I just couldn't shake the cough hanging around on my chest; best not to run and make it worse, I thought.

Then I ate... and ate... and ate... and just for good measure, ate a little more.

Today I ran.  Sorry, let me start that again. Today, I waddled around the streets of Manchester; barely able to shift the weight of turkey, peanuts and pringles, that have now become a part of me, along the road.

On closer inspection and in hind-sight, I should have eaten less; I should have run more.

Day one of Official 16 week magathon training... done. Eating like an elephant... done!

Distance: 5.11 miles
Feeling: ENORMOUS!
Weather: slushy, drizzley, wet, cold and miserable!


  1. I know how you feel! Good work on the run :o)

  2. Great running Maggie! Love the magazine cover very funny! Hope to see you Thursday night for a run!

  3. That's great, Mags, I love what you have done with the magazine!! I wouldn't worry about the food you have eaten, you have to get some energy built up for all the running you are going to be doing!! xx

  4. You'd think that writing this would have put something in my mind that kinda represents moderation in the food department. However, I have just finished devouring another load of chocolate!


    Pete, should be there on Thursday... If I'm not so wide by then I can't get out the house!! :-)

  5. I think everyone eats too much over xmas :) Thankfully the active ones can mostly afford to!

  6. On my 1st Janathon run this morning I used up calories equivalent to at least 6 quality street - just the other 50 odd to deal with now


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