Sunday, 8 May 2011

Scrap that...

Okay, okay, okay!!!

I've just had a Facebook 'talking to' from my friends! And just in case I'm to suffer the same fate here too... I've reconsidered... I'll run the Great Manchester Run next weekend because it will be fun... not because I'll get a time... not because I'll be fast or slow... but because it will be fun!

I'm starting at the back though... right at the back I mean... behind the giraffes, the Chinese dragons and the three-legged couples!... and that way I can feel good when I overtake at least a few of them!!

So, sans-garmin and sans-target... I'm taking running back to basics!

Oh, and by the way... thanks! :-)


  1. Thank goodness! I'm pleased to read this - it'll be the first one done on your list of counties too :o) Here's to enjoying yourself - a much underrated priority at races! x

  2. dress up in some large fancy dress outfit so you cant run.... but do it in proper running daps

  3. Hurrah! Have fun.

  4. Yay! Maybe I could dress up as a big squirrel!!! :-)

  5. I got a comment from a mate that fits nicely - "Sometimes it's about the time you *have*, more than the time you *take*."

    Have to wholeheartedly agree with that!

  6. I like that... it's true... I ran and I really enjoyed it, so I'm glad I did!


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