Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The lure of Juneathon

Today I read a very exciting email... it read:

Hi Janathoners

June will soon be here and so, of course, will Juneathon, hooray.

I’ll have the new website and entry form up next week but in the meantime, I’d like to get a rough idea of how many of you would like a t-shirt...

Wow! A t-shirt! Hooray indeed!

Now, I'm not easily bought... except I am: Last June, I ran the Sotos 10k, in Fleetwood, on an agonisingly hot day, so hot in fact that I suffered a severe bout of dehydration which culminated in me throwing a cup of sweet, sticky electrolyte juice over my head (I thought it was water, even though I'd already taken a sip of it prior to doing so!) and wobbling a lot when I finally crossed the line; but I crossed the line! I finished. Why? Because I am a strong-willed woman made of stern stuff and double dealings of determination? No... because I wanted the t-shirt!

So despite my 'ummings' and 'ahhhings' about whether to take part in Juneathon, I instantly replied to Cathy with a big fat... ME PLEASE!

Judging from today, Juneathon is exactly what I need anyway, because despite all my exercise promises, today I have once again failed to run. Excuse #1 occurred when we received a warning that there was a man in the local area approaching women; not generally a problem, except that the description of this man included the words: He is naked from the waist down. Hmmmm... Now, would the canal towpath be the sort of place a semi-naked man who approaches lone females hangs around?... So, that's that idea out the window! Obviously, the canal is not the only place to run, however the thought of grey, drizzly Moston as an alternative was enough to put me off giving me an excellent opportunity to employ excuse #2: work... there's a lot of it at the moment... so I stayed put in my comfy, swivel chair making a poetry pic-charades game for my year 11's (a cunning revision devise whereby they will be completely fooled into believing they are simply playing a cleverly combined version of two well known parlour game favourites and not realise in the slightest that they're also revising for their literature exam!) Of course, if I'm completely honest (which I'll try to be now), if I'd really wanted to run, I'd have done so! The problem is that I don't want to go out by myself (Oh woe is me!)... I've done a lot of running alone recently and I just don't fancy more of it; the only problem with that is that whilst everyone is burning their calories at running club tomorrow night, I'll be sat on my (increasingly pudgy bum) at the annual school 'award's evening'!

...saying that, I wonder how many calories hand clapping burns... perhaps I can make up for it by clapping especially hard!


  1. Oh no not again!!! Is that really what you need right now? And I hope you're still coming to Fleetwood for another Sotos t-shirt!!

  2. I'd been thinking of giving Juneathon a miss...until I heard there was a t-shirt.

  3. Pete... probably not! But then as Abradypus has just commented... 'until I heard there was a t-shirt!'... Janathon didn't have a t-shirt!!! :-)

    As for Fleetwood, I'm gutted as I'm away for my friends' 30th in Chester that weekend... I wonder how long it takes to get from Chester to Blackpool...!

  4. Happy clapping!

  5. Blimey, I didn't realise the t-shirts would be so popular! Sod the running...

  6. Got the email, got the T-shirt, on it like a... well... like a really 'on it' kind of thing.

    Here's to more running, blogging and odd stories to come!

  7. Oh Yes... a t-shirt is a very important thing... I'm sure, at some subconscious level we are all runners really because we love t-shirts so much!
    We're all on it like on it people - here's to the stories Pyro! :-)

  8. Ooooo t-shirt t-shirt, t-t-shirt t-shirt
    Ooooo t-shirt t-shirt la la la la la la
    Everybody now...

  9. Yeh! I got the same email!

    I replied to Cathey asking what the t-shirt looks like etc, but haven't had a reply.

    I dont know if Juneathlon will fit into my training plan.. but I'll give it a whirl! Or I could just clap... or even do both...?

  10. Yeah... it's worth a try... although I'd try both because I'm not sure that clapping was any good after all... it didn't work up much of a sweat!! :-)

  11. Ps... Notmuchofarunner... love the song! :-)


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