Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On Hills, Health and becoming a Hermit...

Yesterday's club session was good. Which is not a normal thing for me to say as we were running up hills! The difference this time was that we were also running down them... fast! I love running down hill fast; it's so exhilarating! I managed 3 times up and down the hill, each sandwiched between 1 minute recovery and on the last down hill I decided to push it as hard as I could... how fast can I really run down hill? The answer is... bloody fast!! Particularly when compared to the same distance up hill: 1 min 45 up... 44 seconds down! Now, if anyone knows of any downhill races out there, I think I've found my forte!

Today, Paula and I went for the slowest run in the world! Well, actually that's perhaps exaggerating a little... but only a little, as my marathon was slower! I am clearly still recovering and where yesterday I felt that I'd sprinted 2 steps forward in my ability to run, today I lolloped 3 steps back! Ah well... it's all exercise making me fitter and healthier... and, therefore, all is happy in the world of the diet... and keeping week 2 going strong (fingers crossed!).

On another note entirely, I am signed up as a GCSE examiner once again and I have just had a lovely chat with my Team Leader, who's cleared me to begin marking my scripts following the arduous process of online samples and standardising; what this means in layman's terms is that I now have 25 days to mark 611 GCSE English Language papers! This works out at roughly 25 a day so if you don't see me for a while, I've become an marking hermit... it's an official title! I'll see you in July!

611 exam papers to go... next to Doris for true size comparison!


  1. Maybe running up hill will feel good after all that marking, good luck!

  2. That's a good way of looking at it... I may even look forward to a good hill session!! Thanks :-)

  3. Your a marker...! let us know any good answers as I got an email a while back about best exam answers, so cracking answers! p1ss take email!

    Small steps is big progress, keep going!

  4. OOOh that sounds like a good job...


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