Friday, 27 May 2011

As quick as the wind...

If only!...

Although at least on a track you're only fighting the wind for half of the run, the other half it's giving you a helping hand! 400's on the track yesterday; fast running with 200 metre recovery. I manged to run 5 400's which I was rather impressed with. However what I'm more impressed with is the speed at which I ran my first and last. It's a shame I couldn't maintain the speed in the middle 3, but I'm ignoring those and instead choosing to acknowledge the 7.39 pace of my first lap, and the 7.43 pace of my second! It was the fact that I fear however, that it was my inability to barely breathe a recovery at the end of each that caused the middle ones to be slower; after the first lap I realised that if I was to keep it going at that pace, I would only achieve a collapse into a broken heap on the floor! Still, I'm pretty proud of myself!

Tonight was, once again, Zumba night! I love Zumba! And now, having just caught up on my recorded episodes of 'So you Think you can Dance', I've been reminded of how much I love dancing and have consequently been dancing everywhere I go around the house. I am also aware that as my mother reads this, she will be reminiscing of how, when I was younger, I used to traverse everywhere in that manner... It's good fun... If you see me dancing round the streets Manchester, you'll know why!


  1. Great pace! And great image of you pirouetting around Manchester. With or without exam scripts, I wonder?

  2. Oh, definitely with... throwing all 611 of them from me in dramatic lyrical dance style!


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