Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Race Against Darkness

Doris and I ran the gauntlet this evening in the race against darkness; a run/power walk strategy ensured that we managed to leave the creepy park just before the true swathes of darkness swept in.

And so (my now unofficial) janathon day 3 was completed with a score of 1-0 to Doris* and Maggiee vs The Darkness**

* For those of you unawares, Doris is my dog, not an elderly lady I take for run/power walks on an evening... That would be weird!

** Not the band that sang about believing in 'a thing called love' and, more seasonally, to not 'let the bells end', but in this case actual darkness that draws in with night and makes the park a more creepy place to be!


  1. You shouldn't be running round there when it's going dark - be sensible Miss!

  2. Weird, but also such a great visual image that it's all I can picture :)

  3. Pete, i know... But it wasn't late, just a little dark... But, I know! I won't do it again! Promise!

    Abradypus... And now in my head too!!! Lol :-)

  4. It wasn't my fave park of all time was it - The Bogartt Hole? After you enlightened me about the Boggie Monster I been having nightmares. Oh, the 99 steps from Juneathon - even more nightmares!!

  5. I believe in a thing called love!! Well done for today...all good warm ups for Sunday.

  6. Ian.. It was!!! That's why Pete was worried... In case the boggart got me!!! :-)

    Flo... Exactly, I thought the same... And wondered whether I might win at regents park too!!! Lol


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