Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Exercise: activity that maintains fitness

For my Janathon activity today, I started a diet.

'How is this in the spirit of Janathon?' I hear you cry! 'surely you have to do some form of exercise to qualify such claims!'

Ah, but calm yourselves my loyal readers, I did indeed carry out exercise today; indeed, a form of exercise that not only worked to improve my fitness, but also required energy, effort and exertion...

I exercised my willpower*.

* As I am self-professedly taking part 'unofficially' in Janathon, this totally counts and therefore I'm totally counting it! Plus... I invented** a new technique for reinforcing diet willpower today: when you want to eat something calorific (for example a mass of roses chocolates, a tub of pringles or some stale mince pies - which are really, really tempting by this stage in the day, even though you know they're 2 weeks' old and as stale as a cracker in the desert) instead of eating it, you picture it turning into something disgusting as you do eat it; for example, I imagined that the chocolates turned into baked beans when I put them in my mouth, this made me a little bit sick in my mouth, and consequently I didn't feel like eating them any more... 1-0 to willpower vs cravings! Woop!

** This may not be invented by me, it may well already be a technique adopted by some random weight loss company who will happily charge you your well earned cash to impart such peculiar 'psychology', but if this is the case, I honestly didn't know and fully believed I had invented it. However, if it is yet to be invented as a cunning weight loss plan by which to extract much money from many people, then watch this space for my forthcoming book...


  1. As I have practically lived on baked beans on toast and chocolate for the past two years, your cunning little plan wouldn't work on me. Stop dreaming of making a quick million and get back to marking those essays! Oh, and do some running too. XxX

  2. Oooh. I'll be your first disciple if it will help me to resist the Jaffa cakes, after eight mints, elizabeth shaw mint crisps, Cadbury mishapes and cough candy twists that are within arms reach of me right now!

  3. I take it you don't like baked beans then?? I think you should still be trying to run every day!


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