Thursday, 5 January 2012

Interval Death


If yesterday's 'exercise' was questionable, today's certainly wasn't!

At club tonight, we ran half mile intervals with quarter mile recoveries... It was sooooo hard - half a mile is really, really far when you have to run it hard!! - However, despite bringing up the rear of the pack for most of the night, I enjoyed the running, fresh air and wind in my hair - which was, thankfully, a lot calmer than last night which would have probably blown me away if I'd tried running in it... Or that's my excuse anyway!

As a consequence of this evening's deadly intervals, I am now unable to do anything but keep Doris company on the couch... Who, after the ordeal of teeth cleaning at the vets today, is in a period of recovery herself... Needless to say, we're both quite content now! :-)


  1. Well done sounds tough.
    You'll be super speedy on Sunday now!

  2. Hardcore! Well deserved couch time.

  3. I haven't quite progressed to intervals as yet - I'm very impressed.


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