Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year*... Happy First of January**... and Happy first day of Janathon*** everyone!

I haven't had much of a chance to catch up with everyone's blogs yet but a quick scan of twitter tells me that there have been garden gallops, double park runs and guilt-inducing emails.

Well, it being the first day of the month**** today, clearly I had to get out and do some running. As it was also a bank holiday and my final day of holiday freedom, I decided I would spend the evening relaxing and, rather than go out to running club, would opt for a run in the sun (Ooooh... like the rhyme) early on instead (early being 1pm when I finally dragged myself away from Friends and the work I was supposedly doing but was really just sat on my lap staring at me whilst I ignored it!). There really isn't anything better than a New Year's Day***** run and, with the sun on my back, the cold air whipping through my hair and my trainers squelching through the mud, I headed into the local park, nodding at dog walkers and passers by alike; all of us sharing in our enjoyment of the beauty of the first day of the new year******... awesome.

And so, with the first day of Janathon*******, and the first day of the new year almost over, I am looking forward to what the other 29 days have to offer... Even more so, I'm looking forward to next weekend where I will be adding another race to my Countyathon belt when I take on the Regent's Park 10k with a group of other 'athoners (a group who I suspect will do a far better job of Janathon that I will... although I have no idea why I suspect that at all... nope, no idea... really!).

Anyway, Happy New Year******** to you all, and to those of you Janathoning, good luck!

* A little clich├ęd but a timely greeting for the time of year... still
** Sshhhhhh... confidence is everything
*** Three is the key... it's the magic number... persuasive, don't you know!
**** If I say it loud enough... will it become true?!
***** Maybe if I say it often enough?
****** Hypnosis! Does that work through a computer? listen to my wooords... belieeeve what I saaaay...
******* Did I tell you I'm a Time Lord? I have my own tardis and everything! I know, it's amazing isn't it!
******** Ok, Ok, Ok, so I slept through yesterday... so sue me!... If I lived in another time zone then today could possibly have been January 1st... I mean didn't you see the news item about Samoa? They lost a whole day... what if that had been January 1st? Would they have failed Janathon? surely not? That wouldn't be fair would it? because after all, time is relative, right? Yes?...  YES? Surely yes?... no? you're right... I've failed Janathon... but hey, you can't say I didn't give it a good try right?!


  1. Hello you! Happy New Year and Happy #Janathon! Good luck.

  2. Hello! Thanks... and same to you! :-)

  3. Lol. I think the Samoa argument is a winner. Definitely. So don't think sleeping through the first gets you out of Janathon :)

  4. Happy New Year!
    Well done on day 1 of 30... this is Juneathon isnt it?

  5. Ha ha, love it! Right! I'm in! :-)

  6. Dammit.. You're right, there's 31 days! ... Unless I sleep through the final day too...

  7. Haha! V funny, maybe if you do 2 runs in one day you can catch up and Cathy will let you off...


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