Monday, 23 January 2012

Calories? What calories?

Fresh air, country walks and the company of good people meant for a fun and relaxing weekend and, it seems, great fuel for running.

After a weekend in Alton (not Towers!) enjoying myself with my family, I was understandably tired by the end of today's working day... There had been many wine o'clocks in the evening (watch this space for the wine-o-meter cannily suggested by! So, running club was not the first thing on my mind this evening - lying on the sofa was! However, due to my over-zealous wine consumption at the weekend, I knew that whilst I had been working hard today, many pesky calories had been equally hard at work, hurriedly attaching themselves to my ass! Not good. Running it was.

However, despite my initial lethargy, I ran better, and felt better, than I have in ages. Running 4 x 1/2 mile reps with 1/4 mile recoveries, I aimed for 3 and completed 4... And I didn't come last! Bonus!

Plus, clocking up just over 6 miles in total means that those pesky calories have been well and truly beaten into submission...


Have that calories!


  1. I've discovered on my course at the weekend that its less about calorie intake but more about getting the right food mix (60% carbs, 25% protein and 15% fat) especially for a sports bunny like yourself. For me it meant bigger noodle portions at this weekend's dinner time - which led to me being less tired and hence less craving for C***. (Please tell me that you know what that word is supposed to be!!!)

    And re your threshold training session - WOOP. I have also as a result of this course learned that this must be the centrepiece of my training programme!


  2. wow 6 miles when you're not feeling up to it - A-MAH-ZING!!

  3. Excellent... There's carbs in wine isn't there!! Actually, I've just looked at my fitness pal diary and it turns out I'm doing just right c*** wise as i've been hitting just over 60% for the past couple of days - woop! :-)

  4. Not coming last, doing more reps than you set out to and beating calories into submission. You are an inspiration!

    1. Yay! I got there in the end!! :-)


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