Tuesday, 11 October 2011

There has been some running

Ok... So a quick update on activities of the running kind as we rapidly head through the the month of October:

1. There has been some running! This is an immense improvement on the month of August, during which there was NO running, and the month of September which saw only 1 day of running! So far, so good!

2. There has been running in NEW SHOOOOES!! sorry... Let me correct that... There has been running in gloriously PINK, fabulously FREEEE, bright and sparkling brand NEW shoooooes!! And, to repeat a theme: so far, so good!!!

3. There has been running in a heat wave, running in a gale, running in almost minus conditions and running in rain; to which my new Sketchers shoes held up very well... even when I plunged them into the second biggest puddle in the world - bettered only by the puddle Paula plunged her foot into which was THE biggest puddle in the world!

4. There has been running fast, running 'easy', running uphill, running down hill, running the same hill several times (like some kind of hill obsessionist!), running alone and running with club.

5. There has been NO running with Garmin because he will only work when he's plugged into the power source and despite desperate attempts to sort this problem, it turns out that running with a laptop is not an easy feat!

6. There has been back-pain free running and a discovery that the back is only a meanie if I sit down all day; thereby providing more perfect excuses for running, but not so many excuses for watching multiple episodes of Eastenders on catch-up! Dammit!

7. Finally, there has been much enjoyment of all aforementioned running activities and consequently there has been some signing up to races, some arrangement of future park runs and some planning of fancy dress for upcoming club Halloween and Christmas running events!!! :-)

After such an succession of successful running in the first two weeks of October, I'm wondering whether I'll be able to keep the momentum going; but with half term looming, some races to prepare for and a trip to Texas, I'm thinking I'm going to have a fun time trying!


  1. Yay! You've inspired me to get back to running club this evening after my extended taper and recovery. Shoes look fab!

  2. Oooh loving the pink shoes! Glad you are back on it and blogging! Just in time to warm up for Janathon x

  3. Hope running club went well Abradypus... extended recoveries are a good idea... I wish I'd paid more attention to that following the marathon!

    Fotnightflo... the shoes are a fab colour! Shame you didn't get the pink ones! Though they are incredibly bright... the other members of running club have had to take to wearing sunglasses when we're out! :-)


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