Thursday, 13 October 2011

Running, Aliens and Essex


Running club was fun, fun, fun tonight! Mainly because it was easy!!! But to be fair I think that is just running karma from Monday night, which was long hill reps in the pouring rain! Surely, the gods of running appreciated the blood, sweat and tears (only minor exaggeration applied here) that went into each, tough hill repeat?!... Or maybe Coach Pete just decided to be kind for once... What?!... No, you're right... Don't be so ridiculous!... A higher power must definitely have been involved!

Whilst out on our 'fun' run, we saw a strange glowing shape in the sky with flashing, sparkling lights encompassing it. The strange lighted shape travelled over our route, before heading into the distance, over Manchester city centre. As I travelled home in it's direction, the shape of the unusual flying object became larger and clearer until it was evident that it had to be, without a shadow of a doubt...

an alien spaceship!

Well, either that or an inflatable airship; but personally, I'm going with alien life as I think that's far more feasible!

Following a hard running session, I always think it's important to relax, and tonight was no different, despite the absence of the adjective 'hard'. So, after a nice hot shower and a tasty curry, cooked lovingly by Mik, I settled down with my new favorite programme: Educating Essex. If I'm honest, I can't rationally explain why I like this programme because, in reality it is a very accurate representation of my daily life! Sometimes a little too much so; and sometimes, like last week's episode, that makes me want to cry a little because it's really sad! But mostly, I think I like it because it makes me laugh... And maybe because it's nice to see other people doing the same things as you do, if you know what I mean. The staff in the school are doing the same things with the kids as we do every day, and the kids are just as bizarre, odd and off their heads as our lot... It's quite reassuring that! A well as being really quite funny! And if you haven't caught an episode of this yet, you should; it's surprisingly well done, sensitive enough to be respectful to both the kids and adults concerned, whilst depicting the reality of working in a modern, comprehensive secondary school! If you work in one yourself, you'll recognise the characters, and if you don't, it's a nice eye-opener as to what actually goes on in a school! Hilarious!

The cat and the dog have finished the night off nicely for me as the cat has decided to forgo the litter tray tonight in favour of the floor; the dog decided to forgo her food in favour of the cat's 'offerings'; which caused her to promptly vomit all over the floor!

So it's been quite a night really what with running for fun, discovering aliens, educating essex and cleaning-up animal bodily fluids!

Zebedee's bouncing his way up the stairs, it's definitely time for bed!

Good night!

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