Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm so excited...


My trainers have arrived! they've arrived, they've arrived, they've arrived...


they're PINK!!!

Yes, that's right, totally, utterly and completely... PINK!

If you are unaware of what I'm babbling about, along with quite a few other running-obsessed bloggers, I've been selected to take part in the Sketchers Pro-Speed seeding project; which basically means that they've sent me a pair of their new, and first, professional running shoe... for FREE!!!

I know... there's not much that could be described as more exciting to a geeky runner than a pair of exciting, new and unique trainers! And at first glance they seem really good: very lightweight, designed to promote mid-foot strike and (did I mention it...) pink!

Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to donning them at running club tomorrow and putting them through their paces; and if you're interested in what the SRR are like, stop back here in a couple of weeks' time, once I've given them a real run for their money, and I'll let you know my verdict.


  1. look forward to swapping notes after we've tken them out for a run

  2. previous comment from fairweather runner!

  3. I am also jealous you got pink - I had to have blue because apparently my feet are too big for a girls :(
    Have fun - make sure you colour coordinate to your top and take a pic!

  4. I am definitely adding a colour co-ordinated picture to my next blog... I am ALWAYS colour co-ordinated when I run... the trainers have made this even easier!!! :-)


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