Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Dallas myth!

There are no big shoulder pads in Dallas. Fact. I'm quite disappointed that, once again, it turns out that TV has lied to me. Dad reckons its because Dallas is off of the 80's but I'm sure I found it on a sky channel the other day, so how can that be?!

Anyway, unless I see some this morning I will have to accept that the big hair and shoulder pads are simply a myth. I fly back today but before I do, we're going for a real American breakfast at Ihop; apparently this is the place to go for your pancakes and maple syrup with bacon... Sounds disgusting? Trust me, it's heaven!... Previously Mik and I have been to Denny's but the locals pull a face when you tell them this and recommend Ihop instead so I'm thinking I may be in for a treat!

Dallas has been everything I expected and not at all either! Everything is big and vast; they don't do thing by halves as proven by the Walmart I shopped in yesterday- it was the size of the Trafford Centre! Equally, everything is so new, even the 'historic' areas, which are really quaint and pretty, as you imagine little America to be! The malls are everywhere and people drive from one shop to the other it's that far to go (and most of them are quite large themselves!) and once again, as I've found wherever I've gone in the USA, everyone is so friendly. We stopped by a little town called McKinney yesterday and were greeted like old friends! I've bought clothes from A&F (my favourite store!) for less than a meal at subway! and had gel nails for less than that again; I've been thoroughly spoilt and had a fab time... I think I might just come back again... Maybe a shopping trip once every year??!

So, that's it for Dallas, I'll tell you something about running next time we meet!


  1. What a great half term adventure! How were the pancakes in the end?

  2. Shopping-mmmmmmmm lucky you shopping in the states mmmmmmmmmmmmmm very lucky you.

  3. Oh my! The shopping was amazing...

    and the pancakes were amazing!! I have a lot of pancake to lose this week!!! :-)

  4. Sounds wonderful. Did you need to buy a second suitcase for all your swag?

  5. I love America for holidays - so cheap and so much shopping to be done!


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