Monday, 24 October 2011


Would you believe it? I've been in Dallas for 2 days now and not a shoulder pad in sight! I feel a bit let down if i'm honest!

However, I have seen a lot of Stetsons and cowboy boots so at least TV hasn't been lying to me about that too!

Yesterday, I went to the Texas State Fair. Amazing! This is the biggest fair I have ever seen. In fact, in England we just don't have anything like it; I think partly because we don't have the space like they do here; but also because we split our 'fairs' into separate entities. So, for example, this fair had exhibitions, museums, fairground rides, fried everything tents, music, dancing, theatre, circus, a bird show, horse riding, pig racing... Yep, you name it, it was there! The particular highlight of the fair seems to be the fried stuff; they are particularly proud of the variety of weird things they've been able to fry. Some highlights included: fried bubblegum, fried beer, fried cheesecake and fried s'mores (which are apparently a biscuity marshmallowy thing). I am pleased to say I didn't eat any of these things but I did have a Reuben and a funnel cake (donutty-pancakey thing) which I thought were keeping in the spirit of the day but without clogging my arteries instantly and causing a heart attack at the age of 33!!

It's fair to say that Texas does things big! And incredibly cheesy. I saw the best and most dorky bird show i've ever seen in my life, and I watched pigs race around a track. Only in Texas!

Today, we're off to downtown Dallas, where I think I'm hoping all the big haired, shoulder padded people live. I expect so.

By the way, if you're reading this expecting some running... Sorry, there is none... I haven't even bought my trainers! Normal service will resume next week... Until then it's yeee ha and howdy partners and I'll let you know if the TV Dallas is all really just a big lie!


  1. sounds like your having a great time !:@) xxx

  2. I'm amazed you've managed to resist the fried chewing gum. You are soooo strong willed!

  3. Oooh I love funnel cakes!


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