Friday, 29 July 2011

Shameless Request for Sympathy

Let's get this straight from the start. I am writing this post purely for sympathy reasons; i.e. for me (the writer) to gain sympathy from you (the reader). Therefore, following the reading of this blog, I expect lots of sympathetic comments posted at the bottom. If you can't manage sympathy, i.e. because you just don't care, then at least do the decent thing and offer a small amount of empathy. Why? Because I deserve it of course!!

So, why am I shamelessly asking for sympathy? Because I've hurt my  back :-(

I know... awwww... poor me (honest, I did say this would be shameless... if you're still reading, it's your own fault because you were clearly warned from the beginning!). To be precise my back seems to have completely given up on me; no longer wanting to function like a normal back,  it has decided instead to forthwith restrict all movement up, down, sideways or forwards with accompanying pain; The only way to move around the house is to waddle, very carefully, in a fashion akin to that of a pregnant woman.

Something tells me that it might be punishing me for working it too hard recently (sorry back). I am not sure whether it is upset from the 10k race on Sunday, the hideous fun-filled BMF-style boot camp at club on Monday, the packing and moving of 7 years worth of rubbish on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday (seriously... 7 years of crap stored in a cupboard... I gave myself a serious talking to, it will not happen again... maybe...) or whether it gave up because I suggested to it that we might join the local gym for the summer; or maybe it was a combination of all of that. Whatever reason it has (it's not telling me, I presume the silent treatment is also a part of my punishment), it caused me to come home early from running club last night - imagine how upset I was to discover that I missed out on a run that combined 5.1 miles with 22 hill sprints(!) - and has imprisoned me in my own home today as I grunt and groan with discomfort every time I attempt any form of movement!

Of course, it might be sympathy pain itself, as Mik is also poorly... awww, poor Mik... suffering from terrible stomach pains. I suggested that his stomach pains may be sympathy pains for my back but he disagrees with that theory saying he has no sympathy for  my back whatsoever! Nice... that's enough sympathy for Mik then! Although I might go and buy him a bottle of Lucozade later as suggested by his balder elder brother.... Lucozade does, after all, solve every illness!

Anyway, I'm off to tempt my back out of hibernation with a long, hot soak in the bath, whilst you get started on those words of sympathy...



  1. Poor you. It sounds horrible. If the bath doesn't do the trick, there's always the chocolate option. Or the hot water bottle option. Or the pill popping option. Whatever you choose, I hope it does the trick.

  2. Thank you... That was very good sympathy... It has made me feel a little better already... Well, it's either that, the heat pack, or the chocolate or the wine... Or a combination of all of them!! :-)

  3. Somewhat bealted, ahhh you poor thing, oooh must hurt really bad, ouch hope you are feeling better soon and here is a tentative hug to cheer you up (I give good hugs) Cxxxx


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