Sunday, 10 July 2011

'Art and Emotion' ... and a really fast Mother!

Lewis Hamilton had nothing on my mother yesterday as she threw a racing red Ferrari 360 around the Three Sister's track at Wigan.Of course, it's a strange comparison to open with as other than the close proximity to which they were born (Hamilton born in Stevenage, just down the road from Letchworth where Mother has spent most of her life) they clearly have nothing else in common - in fact, Lewis Hamilton wouldn't even be racing in a Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz might have quite a lot to say about it if he did! But we shall ignore all of those points, accept the comparison as the metaphorical hyperbole that it was intended as, and quickly move on...

Mother turned 60 in February and to celebrate her increasing years, yet youthful demeanour, we (her children and partners) bought her one of those driving experiences, where you fling yourself around a track for 6 miles attempting to get faster and faster in the process. If you like driving and you've never given it a go, you should! I was bought one for my 30th a few years back, and it is still one of the best experiences I have ever had! There is nothing quite like the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of a super car, that effortlessly reaches adrenaline inducing speeds; of course, if you're sitting here reading this thinking:
'I know. I own a Mercedes-Benz and drive it super, adrenaline-inducing, magnificent speeds every day of my life'
then 1) Hi Lewis, thanks for visiting! or
2) Stop! this can't go on... sooner or later you're going to get arrested!

Of course, I do completely believe that the whole point of these things is to drive as fast as possible. Yes, it's nice being a super-car, but I'm not a car geek - I own a Nissan Micra myself, says it all! - And as much as the car can be appreciated, it's the speed that counts! So, as Mum got in behind the wheel of the car (sporting a very pretty plastic blue cap beneath an even more fetching helmet), it was this point I pushed: 'You drive fast. That's the whole point! Don't let me down now!'
And she didn't! She went whizzing round that track. My 60 year old Mother embarrassed the young lads out on that track yesterday as she overtook them one by one, leaving them trailing in her dust! Lewis Hamilton watch out; Mother is coming to get you!

Of course, as exercise goes, I count watching Mother throw herself around a track in a racing red Ferrari as exercise in itself as there's a fair bit of adrenaline involved in that too, I tell you! However, I'm quite sure the number of calories burned is rather measly and I've a wedding to go to in August and therefore a dress to fit in to; so today's exercise will (hopefully) set the precedent for the rest of the week, whereby each day I will walk to work, and run home again. Only today is slightly different as I intend to walk to town to pick up the car I left there last night, and then go and eat a HUGE Sunday dinner... hmmm, maybe I'm going to have to expand my exercise plan next week to incorporate more exercise... ah well, I'll worry about that when the dress doesn't fit! Live in the moment I say... :-)


  1. Very tasty thank you... Roast beef dinner with hot chocolate brownie for desert! Yum yum!!

  2. Hi - Lewis here...

    Martyn lewis :)

    Sounds like a top idea for my old mans birthday next year as he's 60!

    If our worried about running injuries get down the pool and do some lengths or if the pool is really quiet go do some pool running (quiet pool so you dont look daft and people start thinking WTF!)

  3. Have always wanted one of these - think I nearly got one this year but opted for a kindle instead... Great blog, go MUM!!


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