Monday, 12 March 2012

Is there a cure?


I need help!

I've just discovered I have a serious disease and I have no idea what the cure is!

Procrastinationitis attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning. In a well-timed stealth assault, the assailant bombarded me whilst I was enjoying a night out with my friends. I know... How rude!

Those of you aware of this debilitating disease (it is believed* that 99.9% of the population of Great Britain suffer from this at some stage in their adult lives) will be familiar with the early symptoms, which manifest themselves in a subtly aggressive manner. Unfortunately, at 2am, when I agreed to stay in the club and dance to the cheesy music for 'just a little longer', I was unaware that this, small decision, was actually the beginning of a much more serious matter. By 3am there was no turning back. At 9am, it was too late; the Trafford 10k was to start in just half an hour, and I was lying in bed: procrastinating.

Yes. I said procrastinating!

And things have only got worse. I could have gone for a run Sunday afternoon. I didn't. I could have gone for a run Monday morning. I didn't. I could have gone to running club this evening... I didn't.

The evidence is clear; google-diagnosed, whilst procrastinating on the sofa: I have Procrastinationitis.

What do I do?

I need to have a think about that...

*by me!


  1. If it wasn't for the last minute nothing would ever get done! Hope your bout of procrastinationitis clears up soon.

  2. LOL - I am feeling the same way today - I have pt my long run off until tomorrow in favour of catching up on everyones blogs and generally chillaxing on the sofa!

  3. know the feeling only too well!! that is why I enter lots of races, else I would have it permanently :)

  4. If you find a cure do let me know - I'm suffering from work related procrastinitis at the moment - large pile of assessment marking (seriously - how do you mark all the English essays you must have to mark - have one set due to a random English class I have been babysitting and it has nearly killed me) and a zillion reports. Ugh. On the plus side, I did go running this morning, evidently that is the lesser of two evils in my warped mind!

  5. Omg you caught that from my hubby!


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