Monday, 27 February 2012


What with everything that's happened over the past couple of days, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm now a part of a real life Truman Show; recent events certainly read like the script of a sit-com.

I'll let you decide for yourself...

Today, I awoke at 6am, showered, dressed and drove to Tesco Extra. I bought myself some breakfast and lunch for the day and continued my way to work. I chatted with a colleague, prepared my lessons and marked a couple of books. At 8am I sat down in staff briefing, chatting merrily with my colleagues as we waited for the meeting to start. It was ONLY then, that I looked down and realised that, if my antics yesterday were to have provided some level of comedy value then, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to a whole new level of Monday madness: As I walked around, all day, like this...


  1. OMG and you are teaching the nations youngsters...god help us!!

    1. It's definitely a worry!!! I'd say there's no helping us... We're doomed!!!! :-)

  2. On the plus side they are both black so not necessarily noticeable at first glance. One of my colleagues did the same, except he wore one brown and one black shoe and the Head noticed and then made everyone else notice in briefing!

  3. This is brilliant! I sometimes get as far as registration in my cycling shoes.


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