Monday, 8 August 2011

Running Manifesto?... Go on then!

Where bandwagons are concerned, I'm like a Lemming off a cliff, so here is my Running Manifesto to join the ranks of K, Lazy girl Running, Nosomuchofarunner, Fortnightflo after the idea was initiated by Run Dem Crew.

Running is… an addiction
Running is not… just exercise
I run… because I'm incapable of controlling what I eat!
I run for… enjoyment
I run because… I love it so much
I run when… I feel like it
I run with… Oldham and Royton Harriers and on my own
I have always run… wearing a bra!
I run in spite of… being incredibly slow and an appalling runner!
I don’t run… when I'm injured (like now)
I should run… another marathon - but I won't
I might run… Until I die!
I will run… Until it's physically impossible

Why not jump on board the ever-growing bandwagon... it's fun... What's your running  manifesto?


  1. Yay! If I could catch the bandwagon I'd jump on, but I'm such a slow runner...

  2. Lol... trust me... you'd be A LOT faster than me at the moment!! :-)

  3. Ha - I also run because I can't control what I eat! Brilliant!


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