Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The REAL Manchester

If you have been watching the television for the last few nights, you may be mistaken in thinking that Britain has gone mad. That we've descended into riots, looting and anarchy and there are no decent people left. But that's not true.

Miss Selfridge on Market Street
Watching idiots (that's the politest term I could find for them) caught on camera ransacking my home city last night was heartbreaking; it also made me exceptionally angry. What gives them the right? I know many felt the same way.

The Manchester 'Wombles' gathered at 9am
Today, those many were out in force in Manchester city centre and it was a scene to behold. One young girl (only 15yrs herself) commented that it's something like this that shows the very worst and the very best in people; and she was right. Last night, the very worst people were out in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, today I saw the very best of Manchester gather in Picadilly Gardens; people who voluntarily turned up because they were available to do so and they wanted to clean up their city. Thanks to the work of the Manchester City Council night team, the city already looked much improved from the 'bomb site' we'd all seen on TV last night and so, after just an hour, we were heading back to base to find out what else we could do to help. by 10am there were 500 people helping with the clean up and the organisers reckon that all in all around 1,000 people turned out to clean, support and brew tea!

If you're looking for good news in the midst of everything that's happened over the last few days, that's it right there: The spirit of the people.

I can't run at the moment (my back's still out) but I felt very satisfied with today's exercise - conducted with broom and bag in hand! - More than anything, I was glad I could give something back to my community and stand up there with the good guys. As for what will happen tonight? Well, the city council have invited us back tomorrow in case of further trouble but it's raining outside so finger's crossed it'll be all quiet on the western northern front!

Ed Miliband even stopped by to say hello!


  1. Thunbs up to all the decent people in the world (incl you obv!)

  2. It was fun! I would defo recommend womble-ing for mental and physical health!! :-)


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