Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What's in a name?

Today, Abradypus is worried about living up to her name... a Sloth. I, on the other hand, have failed to define mine in my actions. The Magathon conjures images of a hardworking, super-type being who can run, and run, and run... yeah, right!

The thought is there... that counts doesn't it!

Actually, I'm overexaggerating a little; it's not all bad and I do have a plan.  A glance back over the week so far offers the following picture:

Monday: When I went Club running where I: failed to climb a hill without running out of breath; failed to run two circuits of a loop in the park at a fast pace without running out of breath and having to (partially) walk up the final hill; Failed to hit a 'fast' pace anywhere close to what I used to be able to manage. A successful session then... note heavy use of irony!).

Tuesday: When I visited Jo, my Physio, for a sports massage which proved much more successful (no hint of irony here, although we must note that a successful sports massage really has everything to do with the physio and nothing to do with me!

Wednesday: Where I stayed far too long at work, visited the doc's, visited the supermarket, took the dog for a walk and decided that a)I was too tired to run, b) it was too late to run, and c) it was too warm to run; which really all culminated in one excuse of d) I couldn't be bothered to run.

Now: I have made a deal with myself that I will go to club tomorrow, which will involve 'speed' work; that I will run a gentle 4 miles on Friday after work - no excuses allowed; and I will run my planned 6 miles on Saturday morning at my planned marathon pace. All of which will put me back on track for my training this week. So there. Do I feel guilty anymore? Nope, not me...

And, just to ensure I am feeling super-virtuous and completely guilt free I have given myself a timely reminder, and consequently a large pat on the back, at how well my nutrition plan is going this week... I have raised my protein intake for the week, in order to aid muscle repair before I carb-load towards the end of next week; I have abstained completely from all types of high (saturated) fat foods, those which are super processed and full of sugar; and I am eating more fruit and vegetables and drinking at least 2 litres of water whilst at work. If my calculations are correct, by the time I reach the marathon, I'll be a lean, mean running machine... Deserving of my name, I will be... The Magathon!

Distance: (Monday) 3.36 miles
Feeling: out of breath!
Weather: Much warmer than it first seemed!


  1. I soooo get that a + b + c = can't be bothered :) Enjoy tomorrow's club run and keep up the great nutrition.

  2. It's one of the few examples where maths makes sense to me!!

  3. LOL - you ARE supposed to be tapering!

  4. ha ha... I know, I'm really quite struggling with the idea... I still feel like I should be running! From now on, I am going to try to enjoy not running much!!!

  5. Lean, Mean.. sounds like a George Foreman grill!

    Option d is always the best choice, wish it was available more often!

    Good luck with the tapering.... Make sure your in the the best shape for the VLM.


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