Saturday, 9 April 2011

Running tips for warm weather

Some running tips for when the sun is sitting high in the sky, heating the world from its lofty heights and creating a beautiful 22 degree heat...

- run in the early morning, before the fiery ball reaches its peak;
- run in the early evening, once the sky has dimmed and a soft breeze has set in, whilst the tempting smell of 1st-of-the-year barbecues fill the air;
- take a bottle of water on your run, even if you're only running a 'short distance';
- hydrate properly before you run, so as not to give yourself a headache on your return.

- laze around being useless for the morning, ignoring the weather forecast, then just as the sun reaches its maximum height in the sky, when there'll be no shade in which to hide, head out for a 6 mile run;
- drink only one cup of tea and half a cup of water before you head out on said heated 6 mile run;
- forget to rehydrate fully once you've completed your run.

Some useful tips I think you'll find. I have posted them because they are tips I clearly needed before I headed out on my run today; if these tips had been readily available on t'internet before I set out today, I would have read them, reconsidered my options, and adapted my routine appropriately. As it is, these tips are now posted on aforementioned t'internet and I will therefore never be tempted into making the same mistakes again. Ever.

Distance: 6 miles
Feeling: Hot, hot, hot and very sweaty!!
Weather: A little warm!


  1. Lol. Top tips indeed, and so simple in hindsight.

  2. tee hee... totally obvious now I think about it! :-)

  3. Lessoned learned the hard way I feel!

  4. LOL - well done for getting out for 6 miles in this heat!

  5. It was scorchio yesterday, I failed straight away on tip 1 by going out at 12.30 (d'oh) and struggled through 14 slow and sweaty miles! I did take water but ran out in the last couple of miles...

  6. I went all the way to Mallorca to miss this lovely weather! Good training tips there, Maggie - up in print on the interwebs to save us all from the same boo-boo in future - I know I've made the very same mistakes before!

    How are you feeling for Sunday? I can't quite believe we're nearly there! K x

  7. I can't believe we're nearly there! I am soooooo nervous I keep dreaming about running every night! No idea why... I'm hoping the adrenalin will see me through! You'll have to tell me what you'll be wearing and we'll keep an eye out for each other in amongst all the hundreds of thousands of other runners!! :-)


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