Saturday, 19 November 2011

Magathon's Festival of Running

Welcome to the Magathon's Weekend Festival of Running!

Or that's what this weekend feels like anyway! Part 1 of my running 'festival' began at 8.45 this morning, when I  met another 'Athoner and Blogger, Abradypus. A nomadic park runner, Abradypus has run over 40 different park runs; and not just in this country, her park run experiences stretch as far as Reykjavik; so much so that, at my local Parkrun, it was Abradypus who knew the most runners, bumping into another Reykjaviker also!

As if he knew of the festival of running, we were also graced with a local celebrity, Ron Hill, who was handing out the 50 t-shirts as well as running his fourth Parkrun at Heaton Park.

Dr Ron Hill... who even in his 70's is faster than me 
Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up with Dr. Ron in the race... no, don't be fooled by his age!!... however, thanks to the self-confessed sloth... no, don't be fooled by her name!... I achieved a very respectable time of 28.44.

Though, to be honest I could have waddled around in 40 minutes and still have had a great time, as it was truly a great morning: great to finally meet my first 'Athoner, great conversation, and a great morning for running.

The Magathon and Abradypus!

Part 2 of the festival begins at 7.30pm this evening: Club Presentation Evening. Apparently, I've won an award, no idea what... I'll let you know!  And then it's off to the festival finale tomorrow for the Leeds' Abbey Dash 10k for which my current PB stands at 49:49...

Ha ha... I'll let you know!!!!


  1. Well done on part 1 and food luck for the 10k tomorrow, that's some pb to chase !!
    Have a great time tonight... Very exciting!

  2. Food = good.
    And is code for if all else fails eat cake.

  3. Wow thats some pb you have there, good luck with that. Eagerly await to here what award you have won and what the prize is!!

  4. yay! eat cake! I can do that!! :-)

    I'm eager to know too... I haven't actually come first in anything (as far as I'm aware)... that's not my style... so it must be some kind of effort... well done for turning up award!!! lol :-)

  5. I'm betting that it's an award for PRB. Good luck tomorrow!

  6. Ooh you match! What a great time as well - good luck for tonight. Cx


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