Saturday, 27 November 2010

1st post... 20 weeks to go...

What?!!! 20 weeks! Aggghhhh! Okay, I'm taking a deep breath and putting that into proportion; there are only 52 weeks in the year, so if I look at it that way, there's loads of time!

I have realised this week though that I need to get started on some kind of proper training! I go to running club twice a week, but haven't done much more than that lately so this is the first of the good intentions!

As a lover of list-making... it's a great avoidance strategy... I have decided to start by making a list of things to do prior to beginning marathon training! They are:

1. start running more!
2. run the Best Preston 5k tomorrow and get a new PB... that would need to be faster than 24:54 (there... I've said it, it's out there... no going back now!)
3. run further than 6 miles before the Stockport 10... which is 10 miles of course... should really do that at least once before then!
4. run more often than twice a week at club!
5. create a training plan... ooooh, that's a good idea... more lists!
6. Sign up to all the races I want to do (as part of my training and more motivation after Christmas).

Right! That's me planned... I'm going to go and eat some pasta!

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